Songs of Devotion, Gratitude and Love
for Life and all the Masters
that accompany us on our paths.


All of our life is our path to Awakening. So, let’s just dance our life! This song arose when I was in Tiruvannamalai in 2020. I like that, while it starts a bit melancholingly in minor, it ends happily in major with the mantra Sat Chit Ananda.

This song is inspired by Mooji’s pointings, the Holy mountain Arunachala and the recognition that wherever we find ourselves, the Guru is in our own Heart. Thank you Kamala, Prakash and Pritam for your love and presence that brought to this joyful and beautiful music video. The recording is quite home-made and basic, but I hope that our joy and the power of the words come through. Jai Moojibaba!

This song celebrates the Grace of being in this Life and in the presence of our inner and outter Guide or Satguru.
Some lines are very inspired by Moojibaba who encourages us to remind the world of it’s beauty and purity rather than emphasizing pain and sorrow. What a wonderful reminder!