Overtone singing

Our voice is really an orchestra of sounds and tones that, together, give us our very own timbre, in both the speaking and the singing voice.

When we sing overtones, we sing two different tones at the same time. It is a stunning technique that brings us into the depth of our voice: it enriches our vocal expression and our listening capacity and it is very effective in bringing us into a state of inner silence, in contact with our body and the sound vibrations in it.

Overtone singing and didgeridoo improvisation (with Patrick Frey).

I started singing overtones in 2010 and have since then been learning and further refining my overtone singing mainly with the two vocal artists Wolfgang Saus (Germany) and Christian Zehnder (Switzerland). Since 2015 I have been teaching overtone singing in group and private lessons. I am currently available for private lessons (online and in presence). For more information please contact me.

Overtone singing, didgeridoo and alphorn with the BÆRG trio